Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga

A 45 minutes class that will focus on

1. Awareness of the breath

Breathing exercises can energize kids or encourage relaxation. Kids will connect to how their bodies feel as a result of deep breathing, thus reducing stress and promoting relaxation.  

2. Strengthening and energizing

Kids learn how to utilize stregth to increase flexibility. As well build strength by learning how to engage muscles to hold postures, which in turn increases body awareness and coordination. 

3. Balancing

Taking balancing poses develops intrinsic strangth through culivating an increase in focus and attention . Balancing postures evoke a meditative feeling, and promote stillness and quieting of the mind. 

4. Stretching and lengthening

Yoga poses stretch muscles and through integrating breathing and movement, muscles become warm and become more flexible. It's great for kids to be strong, but a body that's strong without flexibility has no way to yield under pressure. Strong muscles with accompanying flexibility move quickly, pull less on bones and joints, and support tender joints in a more functional way.

5. Awareness and focus

Yoga helps create awareness in the body through deep breathing and movement. It gives kids a way to express themselves, build a strong connection between what they hear and what they do. Children that have healthy body awareness are more confident and strong, have better posture, breathe better and have a sense of quiet strength.

6. Flowing, connecting and integrating

We string poses together, to give kids a taste of what it means to move with ease. It also helps them build the awareness that all our movements are a series of coordinated efforts between muscles, bones, joints and nerves. 

7. Meditation and relaxation

Yoga is meditative by nature. So whether a child is holding a balancing posture, sitting in breathing meditiation, or moving through a series of poses, there's is a sense of calm during and after their 45 minutes. 


Benefits of Kids Yoga:

  • Develop body awareness
  • Learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way
  • Manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement
  • Build concentration
  • Increase their confidence and positive self-image
  • Feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group
  • Have an alternative to tuning out through constant attachment to electronic devices