Synergy Partner Yoga

Synergy Partner Yoga

Synergy Partner Yoga is a healing art form that fine tunes and strengthens the human body and spirit through playfulness, thai massage, dynamic body conditioning, and therapeutic partner yoga. Synergy draws from many traditional healing modalities and art forms- from traditional Thai massage, yoga, martial arts, clown, and ancient meditation practices.

The intention of this practice is to bring the body & soul into union and wellness through various exercises and techniques.

The main elements of Synergy Partner Yoga are trust, connection, playfulness, healing, and community.

The exercises enable one with assistance of a partner to get into places that hold much stress. Places that without assistance would take lots of time to alleviate. The practice improves blood flow to the brain and circulation in general. But what sets this practice apart from many other forms of partner yoga and medicinal activity is that we create a very unique way of giving alleviation to the spine through flying. In flying we turn the sand clock upside down. What we mean by this is that in our regular activity we hold our head above our heart. When a person is being flown it allows blood or rivers to flow in apposite direction. In turn invigorating the circulatory system and breaking down matter that has prohibited ideal blood flow. While in flight one also is able to receive much alleviation in their spine through traction and invertion. Just by doing the most simple flight activity and letting your partner hang you are assisting movement of fluids along the spine necessary to alleviate tension. The massaging of the energy lines on the body have been studied for many years and we benefit from these studies by putting them to practice in assisted stretching and massage techniques that open the body like no other.

Synergy Partner Yoga Teachers


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