Cowface Yoga has gone Virtual: Option to have your private session livestreamed 


     1. Register for a account.
     2. Log in to website. Go to SCHEDULE to 'Reserve' a class. You can also sign up for class via your Cowtinker App download here: Via Apple App Store or Google Play
     3. You will receive an email with an invite link to join our live stream class immediately after reserving a class
         Pro tip: Add it to your calendar!

     4. Click you the link from your email. Link will take you to our video page that opens with a countdown 1 mins before class start time  
          * If you cannot see the video, refresh your link
          * If you continue to see a blank screen after refresh, please scroll down the page to re-log into class
          * Re-click your invite link 
     5. OR Go to our class schedule page to view video. Click the green video icon next to the class to join the stream. You will be asked to log in if you have not already done so 

==Link expires 1 hour after class start time
==For best viewing, open link from your laptop or desktop. Use CHROME or FIREFOX Browser

Stay Healthy and See you online!

New to Yoga? Some Studio Etiquette

Yoga is a practice of mindfulness...not mindlessness. Start by limiting the following distractions:

  • For your first class, please arrive at least 20 minutes early to register and/or finalize registration if you've pre-registered.

  • After your first visit, please arrive 10 minutes before class starts. 

  • Introduce yourself to the teacher and inform them of any injuries, limitations or concerns.

  • Mute (or turn off) cell phones, limit excessive talking, and no gum chewing.

  • Come to the studio fresh, without excessive perfume/cologne, and with clean workout attire to minimize any odoriferous smells.

Studio FAQ

Corona Virus

What's the deal with Coronavirus?

It's real, that's the deal. But it's not going to stop us from living our lives and practicing our yoga.  Cowface will remain open with as normal a schedule as possible. We've made some changes to ensure our Cowspace remains a safe, healthy, and fun space for you to keep your practice up:

1. Studio will be prop-free until further notice. Feel free to bring in your own props to use as needed. 
2. Studio towel service will be temporarily suspended. (towel ladies are silently cheering)
3. Teachers will no longer offer assists. Don't take it personal. We love you! It's the Corona virus that we hate.
4. Please wipe your mat AND the floor area around your mat after class.

***Please please please, exercise common sense and common courtesy by staying home and rest if you are not feeling well. You are taking care of yourself (your #1 priority) and you are preventing the spread of any type of infection to others.**

Stay Healthy!