Cowface Yoga has gone Virtual: Online scheduled classes are livestreamed 

FREE access to live stream classes and online learning until 3/31/2020 for all registered Cowface Yoga students 

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*Check our
 SCHEDULE If you wish to participate in our live stream classes, sign up for a class like you would normally do. You will receive an invite link via email to join our live stream class

*You can also sign up for class via your Cowtinker App download here: Via Apple App Store or Google Play
*Must sign up for class prior to class start time to in order to receive a link to join our live stream.

==Invite link is view-able two (2) minutes before class starts
==Link expires 1 hour after class start time
==Best to open link from your laptop or desktop for better viewing. Can also cast phone view to your smart TV

Please bear with us as we work through the quirks of live(stream) media so we can bring our Cowspace to your homespace. We are all practicing…patience, learning, equanimity. Please bear with us, and check our website often for any and all updates.

Stay Healthy and See you online!

New to Yoga? Some Studio Etiquette

Yoga is a practice of mindfulness...not mindlessness. Start by limiting the following distractions:

  • For your first class, please arrive at least 20 minutes early to register and/or finalize registration if you've pre-registered.

  • After your first visit, please arrive 10 minutes before class starts. 

  • Introduce yourself to the teacher and inform them of any injuries, limitations or concerns.

  • Mute (or turn off) cell phones, limit excessive talking, and no gum chewing.

  • Come to the studio fresh, without excessive perfume/cologne, and with clean workout attire to minimize any odoriferous smells.

 Studio FAQs

Heck yeah we do! Download it here and simplify your life! Find the Cowtinker App via Apple App Store or Google Play
We don't offer a specific beginner's class. All of our classes are multi-level, with some offering more intermediate and advance pose options. However, if you are new to yoga, a great place to begin is Yin Yoga, and Spa Yoga which move slower, stay mostly on the floor, and are more restorative. Fluid vinyasa is multi-level, and great for all skill levels. Your instructor will offer modifications to meet your level. 
Yes, we are a heated studio, but we are NOT a hot studio. Most of our classes are conducted in 85-88 degrees, as this warms and opens the body to safely stretch. Our heated classes have a fire icon on the scheduleThis class is heated Exceptions are Yin YogaSpa Yoga, and Progressive Ashtanga which are conducted between 75-82 degrees.

To gift a package, visit the Cowface store, and add the package you want to gift to your cart. Proceed to checkout; from there, check the box that reads “This is a gift for someone else” and enter the gift recipient's contact information. Gift cards can be scheduled for delivery, and won't be available to the recipient until that date so any surprises are not spoiled. Cowface Yoga will send the recipient instructions for redeeming their classes. 

No. We will remove your name from class, and your account will be whole. You do not lose the class. Since some classes fill up fast, we strongly urge students to sign up for classes beforehand, as well as to un-register from class if for some reason you cannot attend.
Recurring and unlimited classes are non-refundable and non-transferable. Regular class packages are non-refundable, but can be shared with friends and family.
To unregister for class, please log into your account. Go to “My Account” , under the “Class History” tab, click the “Cancel” button. If you are logged into your account from the website, you can click the "unregister" button from the Schedule page.  You can also unregister with one click through your Cowtinker App via Apple App Store or Google Play
Cash, check or credit card...we take everything. You can easily enter you credit card info into our secure system to purchase your class packages, workshops, etc. online or in-person at the studio.
We understand that life happens, so with the exception of our intro packages, your class packages are valid for 6 months from date of first use. If you have an existing class package, and would like to take advantage of a sales promotion (when we have one), you are allowed to make a second purchase for yourself. Your new class package will take effect once you complete your current class package.
Please wear clean comfortable clothing and bring your yoga mat. Also a hand towel is recommended for heated classes. We do offer complimentary hand towels should you need one. Yogi toes or socks are not needed during practice.
We do have yoga mats you may borrow in case you forget yours. If you do borrow a mat, please clean it after by using the mat wipes we provide before putting it away.
No, we do not have showers. There are bathrooms in the shared hallway next to studio.
We try NOT to cancel classes and will always attempt to offer classes during holidays and bad weather. However, it is always a good idea to check our schedule online to sign up before coming to class, as it is always kept current.