RYT 200

I have been a regular yoga practitioner for almost 10 years and received my 200 hr. certification to teach vinyasa in June 2016 from the Fluid Yoga School. I have been a teacher of sorts, however, for what seems like an eternity in my other job as a Speech-Language Pathologist. I have spent a good portion of my life with my husband of 32 years, Kirk, and have two adult sons Kyle and Sam. Family is everything to me and I cherish the time we all spend together. I am fairly obsessed with my dog Hunter, a large and fluffy black goldendoodle whose down dog is often better aligned than mine and whose unconditional love and joy for life is boundless. 

I originally came to the yoga practice to give myself a break from the gym. Eventually the physical and mental benefits of yoga won me over and I found myself spending more time in the yoga studio and less time in the fitness studio. I especially love a heated practice. I have suffered from years of lower and cervical back pain and I have found that regular practice in the heat allows me to gradually stretch the muscles in my shoulders, hips, and hamstrings which has reduced the stress on my spine. There is nothing like a regular yoga practice to retrain the brain towards mindfulness, compassion, and selflessness. Yoga helps me to reign in the "monkey" in my brain and inspires me to release myself from the suffering of persistent negative thought.

I teach to share the knowledge that meditation can occur both through connection to stillness and breath and through movement of the body paired with the breath. I hope that through practicing yoga my students will cultivate sustained focus, mindfulness, and a feeling of being fully present in the moment, an often elusive state of mind when stress invades life. 

I am inspired by yogi mentors and friends who have taught me through their own unique talents and techniques that there is no one way to teach or practice and that learning the "dance" of the asana practice is a journey that never ends.

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