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PyroPILATES Teacher Training

11/10/2017 - 11/11/2017

What are the payment terms?

Payment must be made in full by 10/26/2017. Due to the intimate nature of this training, we strongly suggest reserving your spot early.

Space is very limited, and PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. All sales are final.

What makes the pyroPILATES training method unique?

We have designed the pyroPILATES training to be very hands on and give individuals the skills needed to effectively sequence and plan a class, teach a class, and instruct students on safe, effective body movement. The training also includes information on Joseph Pilates’ original beginner mat series and basic pilates principles.


What kind of investment is required for individual trainees?

The pyroPILATES training is 2 days in length. The per person tuition is $750. In addition, trainees are asked to purchase 2 books (totaling $27) that are utilized during the training.


Is prior pilates, yoga or fitness experience necessary in order to attend the training?

Absolutely not. We have included all of the components necessary in our training to give one the knowledge needed to plan and teach a fun, effective class.


What is the training like?

Each training is unique. We design the training around the needs of the individual attendees. In general, the two days of the training run from about 7:00AM – 5:00PM. The learning atmosphere is very casual and hands on. We provide many opportunities to practice teaching technique and sequence lesson plans. Throughout the training there are several pyroPILATES classes that trainees can take and/or observe. These classes are open to the public so that trainees can observe and participate in “real world” teaching.


What if I feel like I need some additional support after the training?

We want every trainee and pyroPILATES student to have a fantastic experience and are pleased to offer continued support to ensure that classes run smoothly. Whether it’s by phone, text, or email, we are happy to review lesson plans or make suggestions for continued improvement and development.


Is there room for customization within the pyroPILATES method?

The goal of pyroPILATES is to provide beneficial body movement as well as a fun experience for both students and teachers. We are happy to assist you with further customization of the pyroPILATES lesson plan in order to meet the needs of your very specific demographic.


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