Why do we go away

Why do we go away

  • by Antonia Le
  • 4/6/2021

Call it a Yoga Vacation or Yoga retreat! Take your practice from the studio to anywhere in the world with us! 

We can fill up a whole novel on reasons why you should go on our retreats. But since this is a teeny little blog, we’ll keep it at….10 Reasons to go on our yoga retreat:

  • Take your yoga to the next level. … 2-3 yoga classes a day
  • You'll get a new perspective. … it’s not home and you’re not working
  • You'll *actually* meditate. … a gorgeous beach sunrise has been known to have that effect on people  
  • You'll detox digitally.… because if we see you on your phone, we’ll call you out  ; )
  • You'll relax and de-stress.… see the four reasons before and the five reasons after  
  • You'll eat well without having to do all the work. …and you won’t gain a pound
  • You'll replace old habits. … with more yoga
  • You'll make new friends… you truly will, no matter how weird you think yogis are
  • You’ll appreciate home… let’s face it, nothing beats your own bed and your own bath
  • Because you deserve it ...need we say more?

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